Books by E. Amato

Cover art by Jenn Tamera

Cover art by Jenn Tamera

Will Travel

E. Amato’s second full collection of poetry, Will Travel is 106 pages and contains 38 poems written between 2007 and 2012 while on the nomad trail.

Print and kindle editions are available through Amazon. Free for Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited readers.

Swimming Through Amber

Swimming Through Amber

Acclaimed Writer and Performance Poet’s First Compilation From Zesty Pubs – including Looking for Vegas, The Full English, Miss Trust, Flea on a Bar, and more. Available on Amazon in print and Kindle editions. Amazon Prime members can borrow the Kindle for free!

5: Poems/Images from Morocco 

Kindle Edition only!  This tiny ebook contains a series of poems written in Morocco, with 2 French

translations by Catherine S. Webster, Ph.D.  Also included are images from Morocco.

“E. Amato’s “5” is a gorgeous splash of color against the pale desert imagined by this observer who has not undertaken his own visit to Morocco. Written as a world traveler Amato endears the reader with personal reflection in the context of shared experience.

“5” is a modern collection of poetry with consecutive translations to French–the language of diplomats. It is a personal but expansive tome with excellent color photography and told in this new medium of digital reading. This is what new media is meant to be.”

~ Jerry Garcia

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