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Thanks to Michael Harris and The Cone for including 3 of my poems in the Winter 2017 issue! This is such a beautiful magazine!

I’m feeling blessed to be included in two upcoming publications. Incandescent Mind Volume 2 and the Voices from Leimert Park Redux anthology. Many thanks to Sadie Girl Press and Tsehai Press for including my work. Incandescent Mind will be available in January and Voices from Leimert Park will be available in February.

I’m kinda thrilled to have a short essay in this upcoming collection. The Internet Review will be a BOOK with essays on the things that made 2016 2016. All the things we loved, hated, and endured. It’s got a fantastic array of contributors and topics. The Kickstarter campaign is up, so you can pre-order and support! (That awesome cover illustration is by Andy Dubbin.)

Latest post is up on Medium – Spoils of War. About systemic racism, being complicit and cultural appropriation.

With great trepidation, I’ve started a Medium account in order to post articles that are personal to me, and those I’ve had trouble placing. It’s really scary and exciting! I hope that you will read some of the pieces. My goal is to post two articles per month. The first piece, A Meditation on Reparations, has already been picked up by The Arc magazine! Very grateful to their editors. You can also follow me there, recommend the pieces, and leave comments!

As a companion to the Medium account, I’ve started a Patreon. My goal is to receive support from readers to continue writing challenging articles informed by my nomadic life, and to re-create Zestyverse as a better platform for the writers, and make it a paying magazine.

Your support and love, via readership, or money is always appreciated! xoxox

For E. Amato performances, workshops and bookings, please use the contact form:


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