Writing and Editorial Services


“...the ultimate personal trainer for the creative brain. Her approach is challenging and encouraging; revealing inner skills you never knew you had.”
– Antony F., Screenwriter

E. Ama1012814_10206977328045958_5812043931376431710_nto is an experienced script supervisor, published writer and editor, with a background in publishing. She helps clients find the direction in which to apply their time, effort, energy and focus to
bring their works to completion.

Her clients include screenwriters, creative companies, artists, poets, executives, and academics. She works closely with each client to bring out their best in the project at hand.

“I was thrilled with Beth’s analysis of my screenplay. Her notes were clear and insightful and will enable me to bring the project to a whole new level. I highly recommend her.” – Maura W., Screenwriter

  • Script Consultations: Using her experience as a writer and script supervisor to analyze and steer your project to its best possible result. You receive a thorough read and analysis, a one-hour video consultation which includes assessment of challenges and plan for revisions, written notes of the main points of conversation. ($225US)

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    Script Consultation plus follow up consultation on next draft ($325)

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    “Beth’s ability to ask the right questions at the right time [and] her professional support allowed me to remain confident throughout a stressful situation. Her helpful tips allowed me to express myself succinctly. Beth supported and respected my ideas and allowed my voice to speak with clarity.” – Laura B., Learning Specialist

    “Beth will bring out the best in your writing. She adds a tremendous amount of value as an editor, regardless how polished the piece you present her…Beth will coach fantastic results out of your ideas and writing through her objectivity and expertise. Can’t recommend her work highly enough.” – Larra A., Filmmaker / Educator

    • Writing Coaching: With patience and insight, she will guide you toward the draft you want to see on the page. Rates may vary by project, but are aligned with the EFA Rate Chart (Developmental Editorial).

    “She helped me to keep my perspective on my work while amplifying my voice.  Her notes were clear and concise. That is what she is best at, making sure her client is their best self. I consider our time together a success and I would highly recommend her editing and layout services.” – Angelique P., Poet, Performer, Spoken Word Artist

    • Editorial Services: Her keen eye and experience in the publishing industry, as a blogger and script supervisor come together to bring out the most polished finished product possible. Rates vary project to project and are dependent on required tasks, timeline and shape of manuscript, however, you may consult the EFA Rate chart for a comparable range.

    “My decision to work with Beth on my professional profile marked a turning point. Her deep questioning and insights helped me see my accomplishments more clearly so that I truly came to own my value and have the confidence to seek more senior positions. She crafted a resume that told a vivid story of my varied background and described the kind of environment where I could thrive. Within weeks of using my new resume, I landed a senior design job with the kind of team and opportunities I had been seeking for a long time.” – Francesca B., Senior Designer

    • Personal / Artists Branding and Marketing: Her goal is always to craft a clean, clear story for you and your work. Bios, press kits, Abouts, press releases.
    • Social Media/Web Content: Working with you to create a unified message, she will craft online copy and content to boost your profile.

    “E. Amato’s intimate knowledge of poetry, theater and dance, and her sensitive understanding of both cultural diversity and political climates are hard to come by. This unique skill set has been essential for the success of my show, ‘Homeless in Homeland’. These attributes coupled with her experience in both the entertainment industry and the vast experimental, independent and community arts scene make her an insightful and passionate producer. ” – Sariyah Idan, Writer / Performer / Musician

    • Production Consultations: With over two decades in film production, and successful theatrical producing credits that include Festival Fringe Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe, she can guide you through the steps to a winning production. As a touring artist and promoter of live performance events, she is available to help you create your tour strategy, find suitable venues and more.

    Discounted rates available for students and low-income artists.

    New writing coaching, social media marketing or branding clients may receive a free consultation (up to 30 minutes) to assess their project needs and establish a preliminary work strategy.

    Bulk-hour discounts are always available for pre-buys:

    4+ hours = 10% discount

    8+ hours = 12.5% discount

    Please use the contact form below to get started:


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