E. Amato provides writing and editorial services to clients internationally.  She loves helping startups form their engagement style and enjoys working with women business owners and creatives to hone their message. 

eamato lyrix organix by Z Walczak 1
Photo by Z. Walczak

A digital nomad currently based in Berlin, E. Amato is a widely published poet, award-winning screenwriter, established performer and event and community organizer. She loves coffee, pizza, and red wine and thinks they love her back. She is partial to the Oxford comma and likes living near water.


For writing tips and writerly hand-holding, check out her blog Writing Is Not a Mystery. 

Pronouns: she/her

Design, illustration and photo by Joanna Winograd

Poetry collections:

  • Daughters of Invention (Zesty Pubs) – design and illustrations by Joanna Winograd
  • Will Travel (Zesty Pubs) – design and illustrations by Joanna Winograd; select French translations by Catherine S. Webster, Ph.D.
  • Swimming Through Amber (Zesty Pubs) – design and illustrations by Joanna Winograd


Recent anthologies:

The Coiled Serpent: Poets Arising from the Cultural Quakes & Shifts of Los Angeles (Tia Chucha Press)

Voices from Leimert Park Redux: Los Angeles Anthology (Harriet Tubman Press/Tsehai Publishers)

1001 Nights: Twenty Years of Redondo Poets (Redondo Press)

E. Amato is featured in Five Emerging Women Writers / KCET: LA Letters.

E. Amato is available for performances, touring, panels and workshops. For a full press kit or booking inquiries, get in touch!


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