11 Questions to Get Ready for 2017!


Visioning often feels like a luxury. This time before the close of the year can be slow – take some of it for yourself – set priorities and goals, get yourself checked-in to the new year and how you would like it to unfold. Life is life – it might not go the way you want it to when you want it to, but it definitely won’t go in the direction you want if you don’t choose a direction and cleave to it.

You can do these as timed free writes, if you like. Give yourself 3-5 minutes for each. Or just write on each until you don’t have anything left to say. You can do them in a few sessions – don’t pressure yourself out of doing them!

Put on some music, close a door, sit back, and be real with yourself.

What do I like about my life right now?
What interests me, excites me, brings pleasure or fills my emotional bank account?
Where in my life am I doing these things?
What am I grateful for?
What are the most significant changes, accomplishments, shifts in my perspective, etc. from where I was a year ago?
What would I really like to see happen in my life in the next 12 months?
Based on the big picture of the last 12 months (the last year) how would I like my life to look different 90 days from now?
What change between now and then would make a huge difference to me?
What are the most important things the person I want to become is doing?
In which areas of my life do I most want to focus my time, energy, and efforts over the next 90 days?
What opportunities are available to me now that might not have been possible before?

Until the end of the year, I am running specials on my services – you can even use them next year!


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