Creativity Exercise – Movie Trailer of Your Life


radio-studio-microphoneSo, this one is a little fun and silly.

It also gets to the same things as the transition and goal-setting, as in, where are you going and where have you been.

Basically, you’re going to write the voice over for the movie trailer of your life. The script for the narration of the trailer of the movie that would be made about your life.

You know, like:

“In a world where people have forgotten how to knit, she makes the bold move of opening an etsy for her handmade goods…”

Okay, maybe that’s not your life, but something is your life. And you’re going to encapsulate for a captive audience wondering whether they still have time to get popcorn.

Try for two or three short paragraphs.

And for fun… we’re going to pick some genres! Here’s how the game works. You pick a number from 1 – 32 and then look at the list below to get your genre! No cheating/no peaking.

The genre is to add mood, style, and tone. It may seem inappropriate or impossible to work with, but make it work. Find a way to make it work for your story. You may find out things about yourself and your life you didn’t know.

Feel free to add genres to the list or choose two if you like cross-genre movies.





  1. Thriller
  2. Whodunit
  3. Romantic Comedy
  4. Screwball Comedy
  5. Noir
  6. Horror
  7. Epic
  8. Farce
  9. Sex Comedy
  10. Slasher
  11. American Independent
  12. British Independent
  13. Coming of Age
  14. Historical Drama
  15. Melodrama
  16. Gangster
  17. Family Drama
  18. War movie
  19. Biopic
  20. Action/Adventure Movie
  21. Literary Adaptation
  22. Auteur Movie
  23. Caper movie
  24. French New Wave
  25. Neo-Realist Cinema
  26. Disney Movie
  27. Anime
  28. Pixar Movie
  29. Monster /Creature
  30. Zombie
  31. Political Satire
  32. Road Movie

For an additional variable, you can choose a number from 1 – 14 and get a time frame for you movie.

  1. Now
  2. Ten years from now
  3. After your death
  4. Before your birth
  5. When you were age 9
  6. If you were born 100 years from now and are the age you are now
  7. If you were born 300 years earlier, but are the age you are now
  8. Your college years (or equivalent time)
  9. Your high school years
  10. Twenty-something
  11. Thirty-something
  12. Forty-something
  13. Thirty years from now

Again – feel free to add some more to the list.

Try doing the exercise more than once, with different genres and times — it may reveal different aspects of your life, dreams, goals, and personality.

And make sure to read the voice over you’ve written in that special movie trailer voice over voice we all know and love – maybe play some music in the background!

Have fun! This one is for fun!

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