Goal Activation Exercise: “I don’t want to…because…”



Feeling blocked around a creative or work project, or something on your endless to-do list?

It happens. Totally. It’s happening now. To me. To the person next to you. To your cousin.

Try this exercise. Instead of fighting the task or letting it ring round in your head with non-starts and guilt, possibly along with a host of other things you don’t want to do, confront it.

Get some paper and a pen. At the top write:

I don’t want to….because….

Then simply fill in the blanks. Name the thing you don’t want to do or start, and then write all of the objections — rational, irrational, absurd, truthful, painful — you’ve been harboring toward that task..

If you’ve got resistance to more than one task or project, go ahead and write on them all.

When you’re done, take some time to breathe, meditate, go about your day – don’t make yourself touch those tasks (although if writing down the objections makes you suddenly see through to doing it, so much the better!).

As a follow-up exercise, once you are feeling deactivated around the objections you expressed, go back to each item and ask the following:

Is this still a good thing to do?


Write your answers. See if movement starts to occur with your goals. See if any of the goals themselves are out-dated or no longer relevant. If so, let them go and stick with the ones that are still useful.

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