Letter to the Future – A Visioning Exercise



How is 2015 going? Having trouble getting checked into our goals? Finding blocks to envisioning the future you want to create?

This exercise can help. We did this one once in The Wednesday Ladies, a creativity group, and I found it very helpful in removing limits.

Write a letter — to yourself, your bestie, partner, sister, brother – whoever you are most likely to want to open up to — and date it FIVE YEARS FROM TODAY. Yes, a letter written five years from now, telling the addressee about your life – where you live, who you live with, who you love, what you are doing. Project yourself into that future you in the day to day. Find out who you are going to be.

Enjoy and don’t think too much!


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2 thoughts on “Letter to the Future – A Visioning Exercise

  1. LMH

    Reminds me of a workshop I took once. Presenter suggested sitting down and writing one’s eulogy (though I think maybe obituary is what she meant). Either way, the idea being what do you want to have accomplished? How to be remembered? Where do you want to go with your life? With the result that you will understand steps you need to take now to get there. I did not do that exercise but I do think it’s probably valuable. That said, a letter is happier, and five years nicer than contemplating death, let’s face it!


    • Thanks for reading and hopefully trying the exercise! You can do a eulogy or an obituary, of course, but as you said, this is more fun! It’s also giving you a longer life! It’s a bit of an acting exercise – projecting yourself into an active and living future. You’ve reminded me of a few other exercises I have along these lines – I may put some more up.


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